The Tom Fletcher Stories
Humorous Fiction, Absurdist, Interdimensional, and talking cats.
I Keep Thinking it’s Tuesday (A Tom Fletcher Story) CHAPTER 1 I remember seeing a cartoon once, years ago, in a magazine, of two hippopotami wallowing in a mud pool. Just the tops of their heads were visible. I think it was Playboy magazine. The caption under the cartoon said, "I keep thinking it's Tuesday". That's all. It made me laugh. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. I don't mean deeply or philosophically, I mean often. I keep thinking it's Tuesday. Listen. I have to tell you something. Something big. The biggest thing I've ever done. Well, I haven't exactly done it yet. But I shall. I've made the decision. That's the important thing. I've made the decision. I've decided to get rid of my wife.
A Question of Alignment (A Tom Fletcher Story) Something is going wrong with the Lottery. There hasn’t been a jackpot winner for eight weeks. Something is also going wrong with the weather. It just won’t stop raining. Balding, middle aged Tom Fletcher is an unlikely man to save the universe. In fact he is an unlikely man to do anything requiring action, but when the family cat talks to him and then walks through the sitting room wall even he is intrigued.
Every Which Way But East (A Tom Fletcher Story) Retired, bored, bald Tom Fletcher uncovers another dastardly plot to change the laws of probability. Pausing only to take part in a Speed Dating evening, he is soon creating havoc across multiple universes dressed as a duck. Can Tom beat the Smiths? Will he find love? Can he play darts? What's a duck got to do with anything? This book should only be read by people with a sense of the absurd.
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Review Posted on Barnes and Noble October 21, 2013 by Anonymous Fantastic I loved this book, it was so funny. I keep telling everyone I know to read it. Thank you so much Barnaby Wilde! Anonymous Comment left on Goodreads Feb 2014 “I've either lost my marbles or this book is the most hilarious book I have read in years. I am laughing out loud, and at the same time I'm thinking this is absolutely nuts; why am I laughing at him, he's crazy beyond any craziness. And then I giggle some more. :)" Review by: David Keith - Posted on on July 15, 2012 Yep, you gotta' be a bit warped to enjoy this novel. I loved it. It's, as Wilde says, quirky and at times even a bit credulity-straining, but it's a good read. Wilde does his usual bang-up job of crafting a tale that sucks you into its maw, masticates you, and then spits you out at the very end - and makes you keep on coming back for more. I just had to find out what happened and how our intrepid heroes once again saved the universe. Wilde did not disappoint me. Review by: E. G. Klaproth "BMW Rider" (Canton, Ga) - Published on on Sep 24th 2012 Typical Brit humor, a lot of it tongue in cheek, well written, a very light read, but fun! Very quick, but worth opening. The dry, fast paced humor is very satisfying.
Barnaby Wilde (author)
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