Quirky Verse
Odd rhymes for grown ups with a liking for puns and a sense of the absurd.
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35 New 'quirky' poems by Barnaby Wilde featuring Clockwork Wellingtons, Goldfish, Jugglers and Gingerbread Men, but not necessarily in that order, ... ... (and not a mention of elephants).
A collection of quirky verse by Barnaby Wilde which is not at all rhinoceros. (Well, maybe just a little bit, at the end). A miscellany of verses full of weak puns, old jokes and a sense of the ridiculous, including 'A pyschiatrist's guide to empathetic garden design', 'Two flies walking on a bald man's head', and 'Acupuncture is a jab well done' amongst others. And absolutely no mention of rhinoceros (OK. perhaps a very little bit at the end).
Review of ‘Animalia’ on Smashwords by Elizabeth Rowan Keith October 31st, 2023 I absolutely adore Barnaby Wilde's quicksilver mind, creative content, and quick wit. What fun it is to follow characters through bent or bright decisions, quirky actions, delightful banter, and fabulous dialog. It's easy to be among them. Review of ‘Animalia’ by Tracey Howard on Smashwords October 30th, 2014 This collection reminded me a lot of works by Silverstein. Lots of giggles and some outright belly laughs at the clever use of words and phrases as well as the usual Wilde twisty perspective! Review of ‘A Little Bit Elephant’ at Smashwords by Donald Enz on March 05, 2012 I highly recommend this book. It's entertaining and challenges the reader to think about words and the author's imagery. Too often, authors are afraid to write verse with multiple interpretations, Barnaby-Wilde is not. I consider this a "must read" for people with imaginations. The author has a great sense of observation of the things around him. He conveys this observation to his audience in whimsical, ironic verse. An entertaining book on all levels. Review of ‘A Little Bit Elephant’ at Smashwords by Gary Weston on Feb. 26, 2012 For lovers of the strange I think, this could drive us all to drink, For Barnaby has Wilde ideas, worthy of applause by his peers, for your collection is a must, to be enjoyed, not covered in dust! Review of ‘Not at all Rhinocerus’ on Smashwords by Shirley Robertson on Jan. 07, 2012 Clever and fun! Review of ‘The Well Boiled Icycle’ on Smashwords by: Jeffra Hays on May 04, 2012 Bravo Barnaby! Just when I had convinced myself of the world's doom, it's Barnaby Wilde to the rescue, HAHA champion of short some-sense nonsense, love of words and wordplay. I like, like, like. Review of ‘The Blind Philosopher’ on Smashwords by: Yaritza Garcia on Jan. 11, 2012 : This book was absolutely fun to read. I loved it :-) Review of ‘Tunnel Vision’ on Smashwords by Gary Weston February 27th, 2012 Only Barnaby could write about a whale that's flying, or wonky dining tables with things so very trying, Or dancers having strange affairs, though I'm sure about that, nobody cares,the main thing is it made me smile, and I'll read the rest, in a while.
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Quirky verses with a loosely animal related theme, including armadillos, camels, stick insects, elephants and dodos, but not necessarily in that order.
An animal alphabet of odd rhymes for adults with a sense of the absurd. Twenty six animal related poems from A to Z. Quirky verses for grown ups. Absurd, funny, or just plain weird, featuring Armadillos, Barnacles, Elephants and Lobsters. Also includes Unicorns, Yaks and the odd Quagga, plus nineteen more.
A collection of verse taking a sideways view of life from birth to death and points between. How do you know if you are middle aged? Why are there so many bottles in your bathroom? Where exactly is that safe place where all your mislaid possessions are stored? Answers to these and many other of life's mysteries may be found here. ...and where exactly do socks go when they die?
Extra Quirky verses by Barnaby Wilde ... A collection of unrelated verse packed with puns weak jokes and other strange stuff, including Carpets, Cabbages, Metaphysical Geography, Donuts, Kitchen Appliances, Centaurs and much much more, with just a little bit of elephant. Go on, you know you want to ...
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Another collection of quirky verse featuring some longer verses on subjects as diverse as flying saucers, fear of flying and dining room tables. Pausing along the way to ask, what if whales could fly? and do you need more than two pairs of shoes? Featuring 'The Ballad of Wayne and Bill' and 'Flying Over the Atlantic'. Many puns and jokes as usual.
A collection of verse full of weak puns and jokes, loosely related by two men with long white beards, including 'Just Another Day in Paradise','Simply Saving Silences',and 'Twenty Things Worth Knowing, Including Some that Aren't'. Pausing along the way only to consider Why don’t sheep shrink in the rain? What was best before sliced bread? and Could I dig half a hole instead?
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Barnaby Wilde (author)
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