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Stories to read in your coffee break, on the train, in the bath, or on the beach.
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Ten short stories illustrating the pleasures and pitfalls of growing men from beans. How do you get rid of a bean man when he's outlived his usefulness? Why do Emily's men seem to have an aversion to mushrooms? How does 'Spider' know so much about the moon? What's so special about Las Vegas? Find out in 'Grow Your Own Man', a humorous look at the pros and cons of having green fingers.
A collection of short stories loosely linked by the theme of love. Stories of meetings and partings. Stories of hope and loss. Romance, danger, desire and wishful thinking. A little humour, a dash of pathos and a whole lot of love.
The collected stories from the Vertigo Research Labs. How can stairs stop working, when up becomes down? Can something be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? Jepherson Thomas, janitor at the Vertigo labs, tells all in eleven humorous stories from the world's most unlikely research establishment.
A woman dreams of chameleons every night; a man in an orange jumpsuit finds himself marooned on a featureless plain; the first confirmed message from an extra terrestrial source; a cube with a mind of it's own and a bored space explorer all feature in this collection of eleven sci fi short stories in the old style. No magic, no wizards, no warlocks, no werewolves and not a vampire in sight.
Ten tales from the Poachers Inn Quiz Team, ‘The Women Furies’. Four men talking rubbish, drinking beer and squabbling with the Poachers Inn Darts Team.
The Holey Oak had stood for hundreds of years until it was brought down in a storm. The rotten stain in its trunk had an uncanny resemblance to Jesus, which Davey, who considered himself an ‘entreprenoor’ (his spelling), saw as yet another money making opportunity. Two volumes of humorous short stories about an irascible old man simply trying to get by.
Review of Davey and the Holey Oak by Elizabeth Rowan Keith at Smashwords Mar 2 2022 I am always thrilled to find a new release by Barnaby Wilde. His gift of storytelling through wit and wisdom should appeal to any thoughtful reader. His characters are believable and entertain with snappy dialog and quirky action. Settings are vivid and full of fun. Often I can picture myself among it all. As an American who has never visited the United Kingdom I must admit to having never been to a pub, do not know what kind of pie might be there, and have never held a pint. But I can imagine it all with the help of Barnaby Wilde. Review of The Women Furies by Suzy Stewart Dubot at Smashwords Dec 24 2020 A long-time fan of Barnaby Wilde, I am never disappointed with his stories or his quirky poems. This collection of stories is delightful and gave me an enjoyable escape from confinement. I can also recommend his story 'Out of Time.' Review of Love by JoniH2503 at Smashwords Mar 3 2019 An enjoyable volume of heart warming stories, many with an unexpected twist to finish. These are a perfect length for reading on a bus or train commute or at a lunch or coffee break.Recommended! Review of Love by h5bea at Smashwords Mar 8 2019 A surprising selection of "love stories", really illustrating "Aspects of love " in very varied and often surprising tales. Each one "stand alone" a most soothing, comforting way to end my day. Loved it! Review of Vertigo by Tracey Howard at Smashwords Jan 3 2015 A unique collection of short stories based around one central character who tells his tales with gentle humor and good natured acceptance of the truly unusual place he works in. (not to mention the not-so-subtle lessons in science!) I whole-heartedly recommend this read for anyone who enjoys a little fantasy with their physics and a good chuckle with their coffee read! Review of Grow Your Own Man by Krystal and David at Smashwords Mar 21 2020 The perfect coronavirus antidote! ‘Grow your own man’ is a quirky yet strangely poignant look at the benefits and pitfalls of trying to ‘grow’ the perfect partner. Broken down into convenient bite-size chapters, the book tells the story of Emily and the amusing events that occur after she replies to a classified ad to ‘grow your own man’. I won’t give any spoilers, but suffice to say that Emily learns a great deal about herself, horticulture, and the outcomes of replying to ‘too good to be true’ advertisements. The book is a lovely twist on the Shirley Valentine quest for the ideal soul- mate that we all experience at some point in our lives. Readers will connect with the book not only on a humorous level, but in the way it raises questions about whether it is better to try to mould our partner into the person we think we want, or rely on chance to connect us with that unique, special one. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and will be returning for more of Barnaby Wilde’s witty and thought-provoking stories.
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Barnaby Wilde (author)
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