Barnaby Wilde (author)
The Well  Boiled Icycle More Quirky Verses  by  Barnaby Wilde
Quirky Poems Poems full of old jokes and weak puns. Only suitable for those with a sense of the ridiculous. On themes as diverse as clockwork wellingtons and dodos, pausing on the way to reflect on ‘if elephants were very small’ and a tale about a dining table. (For more information click on the book covers)
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The Mercedes Drew Stories
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Volumes 1 to 4 of The Mercedes Drew Stories. A girl on a motorbike and a detective called Flowers, Three complete stories in each volume (1 to 3), including a hit and run, a warehouse robbery, arson, murder, extortion, and an octogenarian raid on a Post Office. A full length novel in Volume 4. (Smile for the Camera) A young girl goes missing at a rock festival. Volumes 1 to 3 are also available in a single volume, ‘Mercedes Drew the collection’ Available in ebook format or paperback at most booksellers. (Click on the book covers for more information)
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The Tom Fletcher Novels
Comic novels by Barnaby Wilde.
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Time Travel Novel
A chase through time as two men’s lives become inextricably linked when their time lines get entangled. (Full length novel)
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Short Story Collections
Ten (or more) short stories in each themed volume. Stories to read in your coffee break, on the train, in the bath, or on the beach.
There Still be Dragons
Humorous Fiction, Absurdist, Anachronistic
Short Stories. perfect for reading in your coffee break, in the bath, on the beach, or on the train to work.  Gentle humour, a touch of sci fi, a hint of romance, an air of mystery, a smidgen of horror and a bit of adventure.  How can stairs stop working? Is it possible to grow a man from a bean? Who is the monkey faced boy? What happens if you’re stalked by the invisible man? What if dragons were very small?     Barnaby’s Shorts (volumes 1 to 11) Ten complete stories in every volume.   FREE book (Click the book covers  for more information)  NEW BOOK
Detective Fiction. Cozy mysteries with a hint of romance.
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